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Services and Prices

Foot Massage

Routine Foot Care

During your routine foot care appointment we will ask for your medical history. This helps us to learn a little bit about you, and to help us consider how your medical conditions may affect your foot care needs. This treatment includes a toe nail cut and file, and treatment for any of the listed conditions-

  • Thickened nail reduction

  • Corn enucleation

  • Hard skin (callus) removal

  • Minor in growing toe nail removal

  • Athletes foot

  • Fungal Nail

  • Diabetic Foot care

  • Cream and a foot massage

We will also discuss any other treatments that we feel may benefit you, for example nail reconstruction, verruca treatments and nail correction. If we feel you need to see another professional (for example GP, specialist Podiatrist etc) then we will discuss this with you at your appointment. 


£50.00 (first appointment)

£45.00 (subsequent appointments)

£15.00 polish application 

Pedicure bowl.JPG

Medical Pedicures

In addition to our routine footcare appointment we also a medical pedicure. These enable you to enjoy a more luxurious relaxing treatment which provides great results. 


Our medi-pedi includes everything we offer as detailed in our routine appointment PLUS

Combining luxury Margaret Dabbs London and Foot Logix products-

  • Margaret Dabbs London Hydrating Foot Soak- With the divine scent of Lemon Myrtle, designed to deliver immediate, effective relief for fatigued, flustered, aching and puffy feet and ankles with a silky smooth velvety finish. 

  • Further hard skin removal using Foot Logix callus softener

  • Margaret Dabbs London Exfoliating Foot Scrub- A rich creamy exfoliating foot scrub with ground tea tree leaf will remove dead dry scaly skin whilst replenishing the feet with moisture. 

  • Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Treatment Foot Oil- A unique non-greasy dry oil that instantly transforms dehydrated skin and nails, leaving the feet illuminated, hydrated and smooth. 

  • Foot massage using Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and Margaret Dabbs London award winning Foot Hygiene Cream. The "Miracle In a Jar" Foot Hygiene cream is a treatment balm which will transform your feet. Medicated and medicinal in scent, the antibacterial foot cream delivers instant treatment results from the very first application. 


£70 new clients £65 Returning clients

£15 to add varnish


Lunula cold laser therapy

At Healthy Feet MK, we have recently invested in a patented Lunula Laser

(click for FAQs and further info), so that we can continue to offer the very best and most innovative services for our clients. We are one of the only clinics locally to be offering this revolutionary treatment. We understand that fungal nails can be both painful as well as deeply damaging to your confidence.

Our new machine will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the treatments we provide. It will help us to tackle onychomycosis (fungal nails) in a way that is pain free, risk free, and clinically and scientifically proven to be effective.


Step 1- Initial consultation- £50

We will assess your feet and discuss any medical conditions you may have. This helps us to ascertain the most appropriate treatment plan. Your appointment will also include routine foot care (Nail trim and file, reduction of thickened nails, hard skin removal and corn removal if applicable). We will also take photographs so we can monitor progress. 

Please note- if you are a returning client and you wish to go ahead with the Laser treatment you won't be charged the consultation fee. This will only be charged if you wish to add a routine footcare appointment to your treatment. 

Step 2- If we feel the Lunula Laser will be beneficial to you and you are happy to go ahead then we can begin your treatment. To achieve optimal results, we recommend a minimum of 6 treatment sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart. Please note that results vary from person to person, and if you have had an active fungal infection for a long period of time it is very likely that you will require more than 6 sessions.

Each laser session is charged at £150. We treat both feet within this price. We will also provide you with information and advice on topical products which will help to treat the infection in between laser sessions.

Step 3-

After your 6th session we will assess your progress and if necessary advise if we feel you require further treatment. If we're happy that the 4 sessions have been successful in treating the fungus then we will ask you to return for a routine footcare appointment (£45). We advise visiting us every 6 weeks if possible, so we can continue to keep your feet in great condition and to help prevent reinfection. Further laser treatments may be required, we will discuss this with you if we feel it is necessary, 

Nail recon 3.jpg

Nail Reconstruction

Toeflex is a hybrid gel system for toe nails. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps to make damaged, misshapen or fungal nails more aesthetically pleasing. We offer a skin coloured gel which can be painted over. It is also vegan friendly and never tested on animals. 
The prosthetic nail will generally last between 4 and 8 weeks. 
Price- £20.00 per toe nail.
Application of nail varnish- £15.00.
Please note this treatment is only available in addition to a routine foot care appointment, if you choose to have this additional treatment then the cost will be added on at your appointment.

Verruca pen.jpg

Plasma Verruca Treatment

A new, almost painless treatment for verruca removal. We use plasma therapy to disrupt the verruca in your skin and promote your body's own immune system to destroy the verruca. Your verruca may take more than 2 or 3 treatments 4 weeks apart, over period of several months to totally disappear depending on the size of the verruca and how long you have had it for. This treatment is suitable for adults and children and is also suitable for warts on hands.
£100 per treatment

Onyfix brenda_edited.png

Onyfix Nail Correction

The Onyfix toenail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails. Pain free and suitable for diabetics.
How does it work?
Onyfix uses a hardened composite material which is cured by a LED light and acts like a brace on the nail plate. This ensures the nail remains in the correct shape as it grows from the base of the nail until the end, thus reshaping the pathway for the new nail growth.
Price- From £50 per big toe nail. 
Please note this treatment is only available in addition to a routine footcare appointment. If you are interested in Onyfix then please let us know when you book your appointment and we will allow for extra time.

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