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Lunula Cold Laser FAQs

Innovative, pain free treatment for fungal nails (as seen on TV!)

Lunula Laser fungal nail treatment before and after

At The Feet Retreat, we have invested in a patented Lunula Laser, so that we can continue to offer the very best and most innovative services for our clients. We are one of the only clinics locally to be offering this revolutionary treatment. We understand that fungal nails can be both painful as well as deeply damaging to your confidence. Lunula laser has made a huge difference to the effectiveness of the treatments we provide. It helps us to tackle onychomycosis (fungal nails) in a way that is pain free, risk free, and clinically and scientifically proven to be effective.

Research has proven the Lunula Laser significantly increased clear nails over a 6 month period. Erchonia’s non-thermal lasers are the only Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) devices to be FDA Market Cleared for treating fungal nail infections (onychomycosis). The efficacy of the Lunula laser machine has been proven by multiple (level 1) double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, and multi-site clinical studies – the most credible research in the market today. 

The Lunula laser targets the fungus and stimulates new clear nail growth. This patented red and violet visionary laser delivers an innovative, multifaceted approach of low level laser therapy in the form of 2 different wavelengths to the affected area. Likened to the agnostic effect of a drug, the Lunula uses photonics energy to modulate cellular reactions that target the fungus, without any adverse reactions to the nail bed, toe or foot.


Is the treatment painful?
The Lunula Laser is the safest, and most effective clear nail management available for onychomycosis (fungal nails). This is the first and only non-thermal (non-heat producing) laser to receive FDA clearance for the clear nail management of onychomycosis. Because this is a non-thermal laser, the treatment is completely painless.

What are the risks of the treatment?
The Lunula Laser has no reported serious or adverse incidents (skin discomfort or irritation is possible but not likely).

Could the fungal infection return?
You likely developed the fungal nail infection because your body’s local immune system was unable to fight off the environmentally acquired fungus. Further complicating factors include a number of medical conditions, such as diabetes and psoriasis. Trauma (injury) to the nail can also expose you to the fungus. This injury could be a very definite impact-type injury or could be repetitive, mild impact from shoes or certain activities.
The point to remember is that you are prone to this problem: either by nature or by lifestyle. So, you are also prone to reinfection. The Lunula Laser is believed to activate your local immune system to attack the fungus, while improving blood flow to help your body grow and regenerate a clearer nail. Comprehensive management recommendations should become a regular part of your lifestyle to maximize your clinical response and minimise reinfection. Periodic repeat Lunula Laser sessions may be necessary to help maintain your clearer nails. 

Is the treatment suitable for everyone?
Not everyone will not be a suitable candidate for Lunula Laser, during your initial assessment we will give an honest professional opinion.

Does it cost more to treat more than one nail?
Due to the way the Lunula laser works, all of the nails on your foot would be treated at the same time. At The Feet Retreat we have decided not to charge per foot and we will therefore treat both feet during your treatment, in order to make it as cost effective as possible for our clients.

Is it suitable for damaged or fungal fingernails?
Yes- we are able to treat your fingernails in the same way we would your toe nails.


Case study

Our client had suffered with fungal nails for many years, and after trying numerous over the counter products to no avail decided to entrust us to help fix the problem. After 4 Lunula laser sessions our client is extremely pleased with the results. We highly recommend visiting us 6-8 weekly for a routine appointment following laser therapy to ensure we can monitor your feet and help to prevent re-infection.

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