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Toeflex Nail Reconstruction

Toeflex nail reconstruction is a hybrid gel system for toe nails. It is a cosmetic procedure that helps to make damaged, misshapen or fungal nails more aesthetically pleasing. We offer a skin coloured gel which can be painted over. It is also vegan friendly and never tested on animals. The prosthetic nail will generally last between 4 and 6 weeks. 
Price- £20.00 per toe nail.
Application of nail varnish- £15.00.

Please note this treatment is only available in addition to a routine foot care appointment, if you choose to have this additional treatment then the cost will be added on at your appointment. Please let us know at the time of booking so we can allow for extra time.


Am I a suitable candidate for this treatment?


For the reconstruction to be successful there needs to be some nail remaining for the prosthetic nail to adhere to. If you have had the whole nail removed and all that remains is the nail bed (skin) then unfortunately it is unlikely to last very long. 


How do I remove the nail reconstruction?


If you are fortunate that the prosthetic nail remains in place for longer than 6 weeks then we recommend visiting us for a routine footcare appointment so we can remove it for you. We don’t recommend having it on for longer than 6 weeks because moisture can build up underneath over time and this can cause issues such as fungal nail infections. We do not offer ‘infill’s’ for the prosthetic nail, we will remove the reconstruction to check the integrity of the nail underneath and re-apply a new nail if you would like us to.  


Can I have gel polish on top of the nail reconstruction?


It is possible to have gels or varnish to cover up the reconstruction so it matches your other toe nails. Our preference is always varnish over gels, purely because we find our clients tend to replace their varnish more frequently and take it off correctly where as it is more difficult to do this with gels. We also find that gel tends to be thicker than varnish so this will add to the thickness of the reconstruction.

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